Location of vineyards
Erdener Treppchen
Our showpiece, this Grand Cru location is among the best worldwide. Immense slate stones rise out of the southern slope and turn the viniculture at these steep hills, with up to 80% gradient, into an adventure! Grapes here are harvested in different steps and separated. Because of that, special quality wines of the first class can be produced –from light, fruity Kabinett-wines, to Spät- and Auslesen up to unique Beeren- and Trockenbeerenauslesen!

Erdener Herrenberg
This location is above the Erdener Treppchen. Here the slate-stone ground is very weathered and produces wines with a special minerality. Healthy and mellow grapes are the basis for our crisp Schieferstein (slatestone)-Riesling, our fruity medium-dry Riesling-Kabinett and our sparkling wine.

Ürziger Würzgarten
Even though it is comparable in location, quality and reputation to the Erdener Treppchen, the Ürziger Würzgarten produces a different style of Riesling. The distinctive, red slate stone makes wine grown here taste spicier and provides it with an immense potential to develop and age.

Lösnicher Försterlay
These steep hills are located down the Moselle next to the ErdenerTreppchen. Due to business shut downs in the last few years we had the opportunity to buy some vineyards in this neighboring location. Here we cultivate and produce our elegant estate Riesling with a subtle slate-stone flavor.

Erdener Bußlay
This location is situated on the right side of the Moselle which is characterized by deep clay soil. This ground is ideal for our red wines as Dornfelder, Pinot Noire as well as for our Rivaner, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay which we exclusively produce as tangy dry wines.


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